Church signs

I like to check out the signs that many churches have on their front lawns. In the county where I live, these signs can be especially humorous and I've taken the time to jot some of the more memorable ones down. Pictures would probably be better but you'll just have to take my word for it.

Jesus is the Bread of Life. Turn to Him or you'll be toast. Without a doubt this is my favorite one. It stood in front of a church that had chains across the entrance to its parking lot that prohibited any trucks from making turn-arounds. Talk about rolling out the welcome mat!

Try Jesus. If you don't like Him the devil will always take you back. It's as if Jesus is something we could sample, like an hors devours. Or maybe He's like that pair of jeans you try on at the mall. If they don't fit, you simply don't get them. Is this what they mean about trying Jesus?

The wages of sin is death. Quit before payday. For the unchurched person I'm sure that this sign isn't exactly clear. "So you want me to quit my job and then get paid?" Maybe the idea is that when Sunday rolls around you'll go to that church so that you can ask the pastor what it means. But chances are that isn't going to happen.

We are servants of God. Are you? Not if it means being like you we aren't. I just find that a little pompous and arrogant, but it just may be me. Is someone supposed to pull their car over and say, "You know, I guess I'm not a servant of God. Let me go inside and see if I can possibly stack up to this group of people."?

I'm sure you've seen many more signs that you could add to this list and please, feel free to do so. While I don't believe that the church should accommodate the world we also shouldn't do our best to alienate them either. The greatest sign that we can show is our genuine love rooted in Christ for everyone.

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