Bloggin' from the beach

This is first for me. Kellie is going to co-blog on this post from the beach. We came down Sunday night with all 4 kids and it wasn't nearly as hairy as we thought it would be. We're having a great time but the weather has been a little bit cold. Wish I could show you pictures but I forgot to bring my cord to download them to the computer. I'm gonna step aside and pass the golden keyboard to my lovely wife Kellie.

What an awesome time we are having. There is just something so relaxing and wonderful about the beach.

This is Sterling again. After a few grammatical corrections from me (done with her best interests in mind, of course), Kellie has decided to relinquish the keyboard and is contemplating starting her own blog for the express purpose of sabotaging mine.

Anyway, I do agree with what she wrote. In my opinion there is absolutely nothing that beats the beach. I would rather be cold here than cold at home. And being able to sit in the living room or porch while watching the waves crash on the shore is just unbeatable.

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Anonymous said...

What beach did you go to?

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