Somewhere else

There are times when I am deeply moved by the words of a song or words from another person. I'm sure you experience the same thing too. When you hear them, you just stop where you are and instantly switch to reflection mode.

I was listening to some music this morning on the way home from dropping off my daughter at school and I began to wonder why it is that I am so touched by these kinds of things. It hit me that when I hear the powerful words that come from someone else's heart, that is exactly where I desire for my heart to be too.

There is a yearning within each one of us to be somewhere that we are not. Whether it is a yearning to be a better person here on earth or to leave this earth to be with Jesus in heaven, we all desire to be somewhere else. For me, I long for eternity with my Lord yet while I am still here I desire for my heart to be transformed from what it is.

I look at others who are faithfully and sacrificially serving God and my heart longs to emulate such sacrifice. I hear the words of a beautiful song that praises the Lord and I realize that, even though I could never come up with such powerful lyrics myself, I want my heart to sing that same song.

And this is what drives me, to be more faithful, to live more passionately for Jesus. I want to move beyond my selfishness - realizing that to get bent out of shape over a basketball score is foolish when I know that Christians are dying in places such as China for something so simple as a Bible study. My goal is to move my heart somewhere else, far beyond where it is now.

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