A test drive isn't always necessary

I was flipping through the channels yesterday afternoon and I stopped on the Tyra Banks show. I don't know why but maybe it's because she was engaging a guest in a rather animated Q & A that got my attention.

Her guest was a "professional matchmaker", and he was commenting on the life and times of another one of her guests, a rap star who had made some very unwise personal decisions. As the conversation went on Tyra asked the matchmaker how he became what he is today.

He began by telling her that in his first marriage he was very immature and made some very bad decisions. I'm thinking to myself, "Hey, this guy is going to teach a valuable life lesson on an afternoon talk show." Boy, was I wrong.

The reason his marriage was so bad was because he dated his first wife for a couple of years but never had sex with her until they were married. Then, on the honeymoon night when they consummated their marriage, he said the chemistry was all wrong and there was no passion. As a result, he cheated on her for years until he finally released her from the marriage in a decision that he thought was most fair to her. He encouraged everyone in the audience to not make the same mistake that he did - sleep with your potential mate or pay the consequences later.

As I heard him say this I realized that he was doing so with a straight face. Because he never found passion with his first wife, he sought it other places. He said that he should have test driven the car first instead of buying it on the spot.

I wonder how many people heard this crappy advice on afternoon TV? What a hedonistic, selfish, and dangerous worldview to hold! I quickly turned the channel because for one, I didn't want to hear any more of that garbage but two, I was bothered that someone who was as well-respected as this man apparently was could have such a crass and shallow view of God's gift of marriage. I can only hope that others turned the channel as quickly as I did.

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