To soak or not to soak

I was reading through a section of my paper this morning when this gem of a column caught my eye from the "Miss Manners" advice column:

Dear Miss Manners: I have a neighbor, a single man, who invites me, a single woman, to his house to share his hot tub. The hot tub is secluded and cannot be seen from the street. In the beginning, he wore a bathing suit, but now he wears nothing. Except for neighborly chit-chat, there is no other relationship between us. I am very uncomfortable with his nudity and don’t want to sit with him in that state.

Hmmm, what should she do? I mean, some random neighbor has been inviting her to his hot tub and now he's soaking in the buff, so I wonder what his intentions are? C'mon lady, wake up!

There comes a point when manners aren't the issue (and in defense of Miss Manners herself, she responded very well to this gullible lady). A. Why are you sitting in a secluded hot tub with your neighbor who you don't really know that well? B. Why are you still sitting in said hot tub after he has shucked the shorts? C. Why are you worried about how he feels about your level of discomfort?

I don't know about you, but if you are willing to sit with some random guy/girl in a secluded hot tub then neighborly chit-chat is probably not all that is going to happen. It helps if we think about the consequences of what we are going to do before we do it. At some point, if you keep walking out the on iced over lake it is going to crack and give way (at least that's what my mom told my two brothers). And good manners have nothing to do with it.

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