Can you believe it?

I just read on some news sites on the web that our government is officially going to limit the amount of children that families are allowed to have. Starting January 1, 2010, families in America will be limited to 3 children.

If you already have more than 3 then you are okay, but if you become pregnant with what is your fourth or more child then you will be fined pretty heavily. The exact figure isn't clear, but Congress is throwing around the number of $5000 per child.

The primary reasons for this are that the government is afraid that we will overpopulate the country and there are fears that all of the heat generated from giving birth will only make global warming worse. From the lights needed in the delivery room to the actual kinetic energy given off by the mother, all of that is a recipe for disaster.

There is one loophole, though. For those who plan on having more children beyond 3 there is an application that can be filled out that, along with a $500 processing fee per application, will allow you to have more children beyond the limit of 3. All of the money - the $5000 fine and the $500 application fee - will go toward building a giant carbon extermination machine that will be built somewhere in the Nevada desert which will actually suck in all the excess carbon that we are emitting here on earth.

So, make your plans now to either have those kids before January 2010 or fill out your application now. Oh, and April fools!

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