CVS Rocks! (Deodorant update)

Last night after my wife Kellie read my blog lamenting about Right Guard Sport invisible solid antiperspirant/deodorant "fresh" scent, she went online to try and find some stores that might carry the brand. She found that CVS drug stores carried the "fresh" scent, and for only $3.29 (can anyone say bargain?), but shipping would be almost $6. So, I would set out to find my own CVS store in order to purchase the prized stick of goodness.

Well, as you can tell from the photo, I found it! There were only 3 sticks on the shelf and I bought two. I left one because, after reading this blog, I'm sure that CVS would be overwhelmed with men desiring to purchase this product because they didn't want to stink.

I proudly carried my two sticks of "fresh" scent to the register and began the checkout process. My cashier was Mitzi (you know,the tired looking girl with the crude star tattoo on her hand who also works the photo processing machine and because they make her work double duty it takes forever for you to get your photos developed at a CVS store) and she pointed out that I had earned $4.50 worth of "Extra Bucks" that I could spend at my leisure. So, I went back through the store and purchased a 12-pack of Cottonelle double roll toilet paper (best TP ever!) which was on sale and which I wound up spending only $1.58 out of pocket once I redeemed my "Extra Bucks." I'm not sure this day could get any better.

Oh, and I have an unused stick of Right Guard Sport invisible solid antiperspirant/deodorant "clean" scent if anyone wants it.


Sherry said...

Thank Goodness! I had noticed that you had started to smell 'clean' instead of 'fresh'.

Anonymous said...

I'm ever so happy for you brother!

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