I absolutely love Right Guard Sport invisible solid antiperspirant/deodorant with the "fresh" scent. I've been using this same brand of deodorant for many years now and it really works because I don't stink. I may sweat some, but I don't stink.

The stick of deodorant pictured here has been with me for well over a year. You can see how the stick itself has a slightly sloped contour due to the angle of which it connects to my armpit. I find it gross when there is armpit hair on other peoples' deodorant but this rarely happens with mine. Right Guard Sport is the perfect stick.

However, I am a bit panicked as I write this because all of this may soon change. I have not been able to find the Right Guard Sport invisible solid in the stores very often and when I do they don't have that "fresh" scent that I like. So, being that I am about to start scraping my pits with pure plastic, it's time to replace my stick. However, the store has hardly any Right Guard Sport invisible solid and of the few that they do have, the "fresh" scent is not one of them. Instead, I was forced to by the "clean" scent.

Sure, I want to smell clean. But I really liked smelling fresh. Either way I'm pretty sure that I won't stink but I don't want to live with the fact that I might have given in too soon with my purchase. Maybe I should have driven to the next town to see if they had the "fresh" scent, but then if they didn't I would have wasted precious gas. And, if I waited much longer and ran out of the "fresh" scent, then I would start stinking and I don't think that I or my wife could live with that.

So for now, I am rationing what little bit of the "fresh" scent that I have left. Instead of stroking my pits 6 times, I now have cut back to 4. And I still don't stink. I'm holding out hope that I'll see the "fresh" scent on a store shelf in the ear future and my love affair with Right Guard Sport invisible solid antiperspirant/deodorant "fresh" scent can continue.

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