There are many studies out there that suggest how much sleep a person needs each night, and it's commonly believed that around 8 hours is the ideal. I know that some people need more and others survive on much less, but no one would deny the importance of sleep.

With a newborn baby in the house, sleep is at a premium for Kellie and me. Just like all of our children have done, little Emme wakes up several times during the night to eat, and we take turns doing the feedings. You would think that after having done this three times already that we would be pros, but that just isn't the case.

This lack of sleep has got both of us dragging. We weren't this tired with any of the other kids, but we also didn't have as much going on with them either. I guess when you try to corral 3 other kids all day long those night feedings carry a little more punch that they used to. All those grand ideas of waking up early in the morning to study and start my day get punched as quickly as the snooze button on my alarm clock.

Sure, I may be whining a bit, but at the same time I wouldn't trade having another child and being up half the night with her for anything. Plus, this way I get to see my wife more than just during the daylight hours. And Kellie and I both know that as Emme gets older she'll start to sleep through the night and so will we. So in the meantime, for those of you who don't have newborns in the house, get a little extra sleep tonight for us, will ya?


Sterling Griggs said...

Hey Honey,
I am wide awake now! Reynolds is in the shower, Deacon is eating and running around in circles, and Emmerson is asleep. I'm glad to know we have been married long enough to make a date out of a 2am feeding. Nothing says romance like Chelsea soccer, wedding shows, and formula!
Love you

Sterling Griggs said...




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