Thoughts about church

Just recently I had a conversation with a guy who doesn't go to church. He knew I was a pastor and respected what I do, and he said that he wasn't angry about church, but he just didn't choose to go.

When pressed for a reason he explained that there was a fairly large church near where he lived. He admitted that he didn't know anybody that went to that church and that he believed they were all pretty good people, yet when he saw that church and the people there all he could think of was a social club.

Now some of you might take offense to his logic. After all, how fair is it to judge a church in such a way when one has never even been to that church before? But that logic, my friends, is more flawed than this man's.

You see, the problem that this man was experiencing was that he had never experienced this church at all other than driving by it. The church, in turn, had never left it's four walls to engage this man. Isn't that what the church is to be about, engaging people for the cause of Christ?

As our conversation progressed he asked me questions about some of the preachers that he sees on TV and we had a chance to discuss a few issues. I tried my best to assure him that church was much more than a social club and that Jesus is real and it is a joy to worship and serve Him.

As me and my new friend parted ways, I wondered just what it would take to reach him. Should I invite him to my church? Should I leave him a gospel tract or a book by Billy Graham? Or rather, should I leave the comfort of my pew to meet this man exactly where he is, engaging him on "his turf" and being real to him? I think we all know which answer is correct.


Anonymous said...

It's the power of God through His word that saves men, not inviting then to "church". Our churches are full of unconverted religous people anyway.

Sterling Griggs said...

True that, anonymous. It seems like the evangelism strategies of many Christians is to invite them to church. I've never read of Jesus inviting people to the synagogue in order to meet the Savior. Instead, He went to meet them.

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