Keepin' it real at home

My wife Kellie had to go back to work this past Tuesday night. She only works 2 nights a week in the labor and delivery unit at Forsyth Medical Center, but they scheduled her on back-to-back nights her first week back. She's been out of work since October 30, 2007, and has just now gone back 8 weeks after the birth of our fourth child Emmerson. Needless to say, we are both having to adjust.

For me, it's now having 4 kids instead of 3 to care for by myself overnight while she works. With one of the 4 being a 2-month-old, it's more challenging than ever. And when she comes in from work after being up all night, she's got to have her sleep so I watch the kids during the day for awhile as well.

I'm not complaining about this at all. In my opinion, Kellie has the hard part of going to work, losing sleep, and being away from her family. I truly appreciate all that she does on the days she's at home with the kids and for me it's awesome being able to have that extra time with them, especially little Emme. For the most part, she's a mommy's girl and now that I have more time with her, she's gonna start becoming a daddy's girl slowly but surely.

People tell me that there aren't a lot of men that will do what I'm doing. I don't know about all of that, but if there are men who wouldn't be willing to stay home a little extra to help out then they have no idea what they are missing. Sure your kids can be a challenge, especially when they are young, but it's those times that you invest in them that will make a world of difference for the future. I wouldn't trade my time at home with my kids for anything.

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Anonymous said...

Thats awesome brother! Count your kids a blessing.

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