My boy

My son Deacon is 100% boy. You'll notice from the picture the chocolate-stained mouth and the ornery look. This morning, my wife had a hair appointment and the oldest 2 girls were at school. Emme was fast asleep so Deacon watched last night's episode of Lost with me. We wrestled a little, we snacked a little, we just hung out. And then when we brushed our teeth we was mimicking every move that I made, brushing his upper and lower molars just like his daddy.

As I type this, he is pretty much into everything in our home. But as I type this I am in awe of this little man who watches everything (and often repeats) everything that his daddy says and does. What an awesome responsibility I have to raise not just my son but all my children in a way that leads them in the right direction and honors God. They are always watching what mommy and daddy do and I can't let me guard down for one second.

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