Memorial Day

With yesterday being Memorial Day, I had a chance to reflect on just where we've come as a nation. After flipping through the channels and seeing a myriad of war movies and the moving tributes before ball games and at official ceremonies, it was not hard for me to remember the sacrifice that men and women over the centuries have given for America.

As a follower of Christ, I want my life to be lived as a memorial to my Savior. Just as no soldier wants his or her sacrifice to be honored only once or twice a year, I believe that Jesus doesn't want us to remember Him only on special days (i.e., Sundays, Christmas, and Easter). So everyday for me is to be a memorial day for Jesus:

Living a life that looks like Jesus

Sharing my faith more than just on mission trips or outreach events

Inviting others to consider the truth of Jesus instead of just inviting them to church

Loving my wife and family in a Christ-like way when the "church spotlight" isn't shining on me

Truly living out the teachings of Christ - Do I really love my neighbor?

These are just a few things that I want to do that will allow Jesus to be remembered every single day. And I don't want any fanfare or day of celebration for this. If a day or two of my life sticks out because I'm living it for Christ then the rest of my days are sorely lacking.

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