WWJSL (What Would Jesus Smell Like?)

I just started a new series on Wednesday nights with my students on "The Five Senses of Faith." Throughout the Bible, our faith and our influence is compared and contrasted to our five senses - smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing.

Last night we started with the sense of smell and I used 2 Corinthians 2:14-17 as our focal passage. In these verses we are told that our life in Christ carries with it the aroma of the Savior. In other words, our life is supposed to smell like Jesus. This doesn't mean that there is a specific Jesus scent that you can purchase at the mall, but rather since smell is such a powerful sensation that we experience, our influence on others is to be just as powerful.

Some smells make our mouths water while other smells make our stomachs turn. Either way, smells influence us greatly. How is your life influencing others for Christ? How do you smell?

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Anonymous said...

I'd hope to think I smell as good as a charcoal grill and someone is making bbq'd chicken...but I stink to much I think

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