Crazy, crazy time of year

I haven't posted much lately because I simply haven't had the time to sit and do so. June is without a doubt the busiest month on the planet for me. This past weekend we honored all of our graduates during the morning service and I had a chance to deliver the message. Also this past Thursday I took the graduating seniors out to dinner, hosted a pool and pizza party for our graduating 8th graders on Saturday night, and held a cookout for our rising 7th graders and their families which was followed up with a night of dodgeball at the YMCA on Sunday night. Oh, and I performed a wedding on Saturday morning.

This coming Saturday, June 14, I will be taking 93 adults and students to World Changers in Columbus, OH. If you don't know what World Changers is all about, it's a fantastic mission trip where students work to repair the homes of the less fortunate and then at night are engaged in relevant worship and Bible study. This is by far the largest group we've ever taken and, although I hate to leave on trips where my wife and kids cannot come, it's always exciting to see what God is going to do in the lives of my "other kids."

Once we return from World Changers, Vacation Bible School starts up. After a week or two break Kellie and I are taking the kids on another mission trip, this time to Orting, WA (about 1/2 hour below Seattle). There are over 130 going from our church and another local church and while there we will be hosting basketball camps, kids day camps, and some door-to-door ministry. On two of the nights I will be preaching at some community outreach events. River Chase Church in Orting is sponsoring us while we are there and our desire is that through all of this we can help them reach more of the people in this area for Christ.

Finally, today was Chandler's last day of first grade and we had a little recognition ceremony at her school. Now that school is out, Kellie and I have the joy of finding ways to keep four kids involved and energized away from the television. But there is almost nothing I love more than summer so, although it's incredibly busy, I wouldn't have it any other way.


Joe Jon said...

Sterling - Too cool you have a blog. Who knew? I came across it by accident while searching for a mutual friend.

Glad you are doing well.

Grace & Peace,

Joe Jon

Anonymous said...

Mission trips sound awesome dude! I pray that God does a work.


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