The word "no"

My 2 year old son Deacon has mastered the word "no". So well, in fact, that many times it doesn't matter what you ask him or tell him, he will simply reply with "no". There are times when it's cute and funny, but usually it's rather frustrating. How do you get a 2 year old to say something other than "no"?

I heard a preacher say one time that the words "no Lord" don't make a lot of sense to God. Not that God can't understand those words (I mean, He understands everything) but when His people tell Him "no" while at the same time calling Him "Lord", it is a terrible paradox. The slave doesn't tell his master and owner "no".

Tonight as I was tucking Deacon into bed, I asked him to say the word "yes". Without hesitation he said, "Yesth" (he had his pacifier in so he spoke with a lisp). Just to verify that he could do so, I had him repeat it over and over again until he exclaimed with a cry, "I did it!" Yes son, you said yes. Now if I can just get him to say it more without having to coach him.

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