Air rage?

As my family and I prepare to fly across the country tomorrow, it seemed appropriate to post these two articles about unruly airline passengers.

In the first article, the passengers were so upset that the flight crew was late that they almost staged a violent confrontation. The crew was so shaken up that they refused to fly and the flight was therefore canceled. I'm sure that calmed the emotions of those angry passengers.

In this article, a man seated in first class got so upset that those sitting in the economy section were exiting the plane before him that he pulled open the emergency hatch and slid down the chute to exit the plane (and yeah, he got arrested for it). How dare those low lifes sitting in the rear of the plane who aren't good enough or wealthy to afford a first-class ticket get off the plane before some drunk guy who can't seem to get out of his drunken stupor!

Let's hope that my flight to Seattle won't be quite as exciting.

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