Headin' Out Again

On Thursday morning my family and over 100 others from our church and a sister church will be flying out to Seattle, WA, and then driving south to Orting, WA. Actually, there are already 34 people in vans who are halfway there in their cross-country trek (which to me is crazy but they wanted to).

This is an exciting trip for me because my entire family is going - me, Kellie, Chandler, Reynolds, Deacon, and Emme. Most people would think that we'd be worried about Emme traveling so far at just 4 1/2 months but our concern really isn't how she will travel. Our concern is with a 2 year old boy named Deacon. Right now he is smack dab in the middle of the terrible twos and he shows no signs of slowing down. He's a great kid and so much fun, but I'm just not sure what 5 hours in the air is going to be like. But beyond that, I am so pumped that my entire family gets to be on mission together.

If you read this blog, please pray for us from June 10-15. We will be conducting basketball clinics, "Party in the Park" events for kids, door-to-door surveys, and nightly events at which I will be preaching. It's going to have more of a crusade feel, just without the "Just As I Am" aspect. Our goal is to impact as many for Christ as the Lord will allow and to help RiverChase Church in their quest to reach the city of Orting. I'll bring updates and pictures later.


Neil said...

We'll be thinking of you guys. We need to get together again when you return and get settled back in. We'll pray for the safety of your family. Enjoy your trip!

Talk soon.

Derik Davis said...

Have a great trip Sterling!

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