My 20th High School Reunion

I was just recently contacted about attending my 20th High School Reunion from R.J. Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem, NC. A group of my fellow graduates has put together what I think is a really cool website that allows alumni to share with their classmates what they've been doing the past 20 years and to post some then/now pictures.

As I've read over the bios of my fellow grads, I have been fascinated to see how some of them have turned out and what they're up to now. There are some with 4 kids like me, most are married, some have stayed single, and many are still fairly local. I was contacted by a guy that I didn't really know all that well but is now a follower of Christ. He saw where I was a pastor and we've had some good discussion via email about where God has taken us.

I know that my wife is going to be sick of me by the time that this reunion rolls around in October, but for some reason I am really excited about it. Maybe it's because high school is such a simple and fun time in one's life. Sure you have to make the grades if you want to go to college, but you aren't in the real world yet and hanging with your friends is really all that matters. I haven't necessarily kept up with my high school classmates but I feel like I have a closer bond to many of them than I do some of my college classmates.

It will be funny to see how everyone looks when we get together. I'm sure that I won't be the only bald guy there. And I wonder if anyone still dresses in that awful 80's fashion that for some reason I thought was cool?

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Amy Stanfield said...

Hey Sterling!
I found your blog via your rjr site posting-I am deeply encouraged to see God's firm grip of grace still on you and your life. Totally cool you are a pastor-congrats on your wonderful wife & kids. I hope we see yall at the reunion-I am trying to come-I share your sentiments about it-really looking forward to it all. God bless you....Amy (Steinmeyer)Stanfield (assuming you remember me from my old last name)

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