Summer stagnation

By time the kids get out of school in early June, summer can't come soon enough. I know that mission trips, the beach, and all sorts of other stuff awaits me and my family. Then, once I get through the bulk of July, things really start to slow down. It gets too hot and muggy to enjoy being outside too much, many of the people I know are out of town, I can't schedule too much with my students because fall sports are about to crank back up, and then that's when the blahs set in.

Don't get me wrong, I love summer. When I was in Washington state last week the sun didn't set until after 10 at night and it was already up before 5 in the morning, so I love the sunshine. But the pace of summer takes a toll on me and by the time late July rolls around, I'm pretty tired. Plus, there is the anticipation of school starting back for the kids so that means they'll be in a more structured environment with more stuff for them to do (and it gets them out of the house more).

But don't forget what's really important about the end of summer and the beginning of fall - college football! Yes, God's gift to His people in the fall is the gridiron (and the fair, too). These always make getting back into the school routine a little bit easier. And by the time that the dreary days of winter roll around I'm already looking forward to the "summer stagnation" to being again.

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Go Noles!

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