Great Quote

I am FINALLY finishing "Why We're Not Emergent (From Two Guys Who Should Be)." In the epilogue, one of the authors makes a poignant statement about why emergent churches and the movement itself is growing in such popularity:
"Most Christians and most churches go liberal for one of two reasons. Either they are disillusioned conservatives who have seen nothing but legalistic, angry fundamentalism, or they are passionate social activists who, in their desire to love everyone, end up rejecting nothing. I fear that emerging Christians are in danger of repeating Thyatira's error (Rev. 2:18-29): they love what Jesus loves but do not hate what Jesus hates."


TheReformist said...

I like the quote. I've been wanting to read the book, along with like 50000 others right now. Worth the read?



Sterling Griggs said...

Yes, definitely worth the read. These guys have really done their homework on the emergent movement.

TheReformist said...

Sounds good, perhaps I'll pick up a copy.

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