I normally don't openly discuss politics in a forum like this, but with the DNC beginning last night and the RNC only a couple of weeks away, I have a few things that I simply must get off my chest.

It is no secret that politically I lean to the right. Moral issues, personal responsibility (i.e., those who can help themselves should do their best), and fiscal conservatism are areas that are important to me. I realize that neither side of the aisle is perfect and not one politician or political party is going to represent what I hold to be most dear.

What does offend me is the outright hypocrisy of many of our elected officials and government institutions. Do politicians really think that we buy everything that they are saying? Most people in America want some sort of change, but are we dull enough to simply accept a mantra of "change" without being told exactly how that change will occur?

The rhetoric that occurs during elections years is even more nauseating. Too many cliches, not enough substance, and "canned" speeches make it so difficult for me to tune in for too long. Are there any "real" people anymore or are we going to be forced to watch the same old song and dance for the rest of our lives?

And then there is the popular sport of bashing the president. He's too stupid. He's led us down an irreversible path. He's destroying America. He's weak. Let me ask those who are haters a couple of questions. First, if he's so stupid and so weak, how did all these geniuses allow him to get elected to two terms? Second, do people really believe that our president runs the show all by himself? Have they never heard of congress and the senate? Don't these two institutions make not only legislative decisions but also policy decisions as well? And is America really that bad and really that broken that simply electing a candidate from another party will suddenly fix things? I believe that our congress and senate belong to the opposite party of our sitting president. It doesn't take much thought to realize that having the same party in control of the whole thing will not be the quick fix they envision.

And finally, there are the lobbyists. I realize that both Republicans and Democrats alike are susceptible to the flirtations of lobbyists and it makes me sick. I vote for men and women who will represent me, my state, and my country, not special interest groups. The amount of pork tied to bills makes me want to vomit. Maybe we should just overhaul the whole bunch of them in the house and senate and start fresh with men and women who aren't in somebody's back pocket.

There, my rant is over.

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I like it.

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