I love Facebook. In fact, I find myself on it several times a day. Someone once called is "crackbook" and given it's addictive nature I understand why.

Why do I enjoy Facebook so much? Primarily because of all of the friends, new and old, that it allows me to connect with. We're talking about friends from way back in high school that I haven't seen in 20 years and we're also talking about the students I work with who I don't see as much during the week as I'd like.

But what I enjoy the most is seeing how many of the guys that I hung out with years ago are now followers of Christ. In college I was a bonehead and I hung out with a bunch of great guys who were boneheads too. My life has taken a drastically different path since college and it's cool to see how many of the guys I wasted large amounts of time with are now seeking after godly things as well. Many of the guys from college are doctors now (yikes) so nothing surprises me anymore.

If you don't have Facebook you ought to check it out. It's much better than MySpace in my opinion (which was kinda trashy if you want to know the truth). And if you do sign up for Facebook are already have an account, start typing in names of people you've lost touch with and get reconnected. Oh, and I'll gladly be your friend too.

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