Making Your Father Look Bad

Did you ever embarrass your parents growing up? If you're still in the process of growing up, are you still embarrassing them today? Most think of this issue in terms of parents embarrassing their kids (i.e., yelling from the car as you drop them off for school, "Bye honey biscuit, have a great and super spectacular day! And don't forget to take your medicine for your diarrhea!"), but parents can be embarrassed by their kids, too.

Take God for example. How often has He been ashamed of the way that His children have behaved? What about those people that bomb abortion clinics, sling hate speeches, or outcast whole segments of our society all on behalf of God?

Nowhere in the Bible does God condone wanton violence or hate. Nowhere. Sure, some who commit horrific acts may tell the authorities that God commanded them to do so, but if that's the case they aren't speaking of the God of the Bible. You see, when we act in the name of God and our actions are clearly wrong, we bring shame to His name. And we aren't truly acting on His behalf.

Before we speak, before we act, before we plan, we must be certain if God is glorified with what we do. And if we aren't sure, then He's probably not.

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