Politics Part 2

Last night Sarah Palin gave her "introductory" speech to the world and now the Republican party has a new heroine for their cause. Most media talking heads gave her rave revues, but at the same time were quick to point out that the speech was written for her. Umm, but aren't most speeches written for politicians?

You see, when it comes to politics, you can almost always count on the substance of a candidate but it's the delivery that really turns heads. If you don't believe me turn your TV to CSPAN and watch our senate live in session at 11:32 p.m. and see what I mean (it's a cure for insomnia). And Sarah Palin's delivery was effective and strong.

I watched Hillary Clinton's speech last week and I liked it. I also liked Bill Clinton's speech and probably could listen to him speak every day because I believe he's that good. Notice I didn't say that I agree with the Clinton's, I just appreciate their ability to communicate well.

And that, for me, is what I believe this election may come down to: Who can most effectively communicate his/her ideas. We know Barack Obama can speak well, but I have yet to really hear his substance. McCain is known as a man of principle who stands his ground, yet listening to him is like entertaining a kid who's inhaled helium and thinks it sounds funny. Palin could be that voice for MaCain and the Republicans that they've been looking for.

Now that the formalities are almost over, let's get on with the debates so that America will hopefully hear what each candidate is really made of.

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Neil said...

Sterl... I thought Palin nailed it also. It was do or die time for the McCain camp and under that pressure Palin sure showed she was extremely capable.

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