I guess there are many bloggers out there who have large followings because their posts are profound or earth shattering. I don't claim to be in that group. If I waited to post until I was struck with some mind numbing revelation, then this page would still be blank. But I do have some stuff going on in my head.

Why can't we get rid of the electoral college? I know that it helped Bush win the election of 2000, but I've always thought the candidate with the most votes period should win an election.

The summer Olympics is way cooler than the winter Olympics in almost all areas except for one: Curling. That has got to be the coolest (pardon the pun) sport I've ever seen. Team handball comes in a close second.

Why is it that as a sports fan I can see every penalty committed in a football game from the remote location of my couch and the 6 or 7 officials on the field seem to miss half of them?

I hate sin. I really do. And I can't stand the fact that I find myself doing and thinking all sorts of sinful things that I really hate. I certainly don't eat the foods that I dislike; I avoid them altogether. Why can't I be that way with sin?

Politicians just can't seem to give straight answers. I wish that the presidential candidates could be locked in a room with a bunch of normal people who would have the chance to pepper them with questions and not let them use a bunch of rhetoric and political banter to avoid the questions. Yes or no works fine with me when I ask a question (i.e., "Are you going to raise my taxes?" "Are you opposed to drilling for more oil?" "Could you please tell me in English your economic plan?").

I think kids spend way too much time in school. Once EOG testing is over, they spend the last couple of weeks doing nothing but watching videos and stuff like that. In fact, there's way too much dead time in the school day. So, let's hire more teachers, pay them what they're worth, and teach our kids in half the time.

Nothing tastes better than a fresh cup of coffee made from recently roasted beans and ground to perfection at home.

Rambling done.


Anonymous said...

Why is it you must pay 1.39 for a cold 20oz drink, when you can get a two liter for 1.00

Sterling Griggs said...

Did you know that when you see a buy one get one free special at the grocery story that you can simply buy one for half price?

Anonymous said...

No, I did not know that. But now I do, its as though my life is complete.

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