If you were to ask me what my personal goal in life is, I would tell you that it's to be like Christ. And that truly is my desire, to be like Christ and bring ultimate glory and honor to the Father. Yet I don't think I'm doing that great a job of reaching my goal.

In order to be like Christ, one must strive to be like Christ. When I examine all that I'm striving for on a daily basis there are many more things that compete for my heart than just Christ alone.

I sometimes get worked up about politics. There are times where I bury myself in a book and, even if it's a book designed to glorify God, I can put more stock in the book than in Christ. Bills need to get paid. My kids need things. If I don't watch my favorite football team then they might lose.

None of those things are inherently bad yet none of them necessarily make me more like Christ. As a believer I am alive to Christ and dead to sin. The very God of the universe indwells me, making all my excuses all the more lame.

If you want something you will strive to get it. Nothing will stand in your way. It's time to bowl over some areas that are in my path.

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