Yours, God

God often chooses to "hit" me when I'm in my car. That might be the only time that I'm not preoccupied with multiple things (other than driving, of course) and I am very open to listening. He did it to me again this morning after I dropped the kids off at school.

I worry about things: finances, ministry, my family. Not so much so that I'm a basket case, but enough that these things among others usually take up a lot of my mental capacities. So as I'm driving home this morning and thinking about things that are causing me to worry a little bit, this song called Yours by Steven Curtis Chapman comes on the radio (yeah, I listen to adult contemporary at times) and these words struck me:
I walk the streets of London
And notice in the faces passing by
Something that makes me stop and listen
My heart grows heavy with the cry
Where is the hope for London?
You whisper and my heart begins to soar
As I'm reminded every street in London is Yours

Then there's these samplings of lines from the rest of the verses and chorus:
And I'm reminded that every child in Africa is Yours...
You're the maker and keeper, Father and ruler of everything
It's all Yours...
It's all Yours, God, the glory is Yours, God
All the honor is Yours, God
The power is Yours, God
The glory is Yours, God...
My life is Yours, my heart is Yours...
All our dreams are Yours, God
All our plans are Yours, God
This whole earth is Yours, God
Everything is Yours

Can I tell you how good it was to be reminded by the Father that all of these things that cause me to stress and worry belong to Him? As I consider the things that cause me to think too much, God has already considered them for me. He knows not only these situations deeper than I ever could, but He also knows my heart. What a weight lifted off of my shoulders to know that I don't have to bear all of this stuff on my own. It's all Yours, God.


Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Isaiah 40 before I looked at your blog. It might be of encouragment.


Derik Davis said...

What's up with SC2? Three blogs I frequent now have recently commented on a song of his! Awesome stuff Sterling! Can't wait for the ski retreat in December! The kids are all geared up!

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