The Deacs do it again

After a ridiculous home loss to Navy 2 weeks ago (6 turnovers will kill you every time) Wake Forest bounced back last night to trounce Clemson 12-7. You're probably thinking, "12-7 doesn't sound like a trounce to me." But when you consider that Wake held Clemson to 21 yards rushing, 10 first downs, and less than 200 yards total offense, it was indeed a lopsided game.

Wake Forest was without its all-American kicker Sam Swank because of a leg injury so his backup, untested freshman Shane Popham, had to fill in. He made 2 of 4 field goals but one wasn't his fault due to a bobbled snap. The Deacs need to learn how to punch it in when they get close, but as long as our defense plays this way we're gonna win a lot more games. Go Deacs!

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