Definition of dumb

Whenever my wife works her night shift, I have trouble falling asleep and usually wind up watching too much TV. I know I should read, but that takes too much mental energy and might make me tired. Whatever.

So tonight I was watching this show on crazy police incidents where the bad guys tried hard to either escape the police or hurt them in the process of being apprehended. There was not one incident in which the bad guy came out on top. Not one. Why are criminals sometimes so dumb? Especially the ones that try to flee the scene after being stopped. Hello, the cop has your license and registration. How far do you think you're going to get?

As I write this I'm reminded of how often I try to escape the notice of God. What I mean is, knowing what brings my Lord dishonor, I still choose to do those things in the hopes that maybe I can "get away with it." I like Psalm 69:5, "O God, You know my foolishness; And my sins are not hidden from you." (NKJV) That pretty well sums it up for me: I'm a fool to think that I can hide my sins from God.

For me, this isn't about what I can get away with. Instead, it's about holiness. I desire with every fiber of my being to be holy as God is holy, and my frustration is real when I miss the mark and willfully do boneheaded things. You ever feel that way?

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