Is evolution over?

If you've been even keeping up remotely with this year's election coverage, you probably have heard the criticism (mockery?) of Sarah Palin for her belief in creationism ("Do you really want a VP who believes people walked the earth with dinosaurs only 6000 years ago?"). For those who espouse creationist theory, there is usually much disdain and dismissal. How dare they go against the factual grain of science and all that it has uncovered?

I stumbled across an article this morning, and it caused me to pause and consider this whole realm of evolution and its grip on science. Steve Jones, a leading geneticist in his field, believes that human evolution is now over. He states that because the average age of fathers is increasing, the risk of passing along more and more mutations is also increasing and thus the gene pool breaks down for developing a higher species (although he says nothing about the age of mothers). So you and me, we're as good as it gets.

I've always wondered when the whole evolution thing would shut down. I mean, at some point, every living creature has stopped evolving, right? What's the next step for the salamander? Is the monkey ticked off because he's still a monkey? And I was so hoping that I would father a super kid, one who would take our species to the next level.

Yes, I am being tongue in cheek about these propositions. Evolutionary theory has become as much a religion as Christianity or Islam. Is all evolutionary theory fantasy? Absolutely not. No one can deny that animals adapt over time and that we have "evolved" into a more intelligent, sophisticated society based upon our technological advances. Yet no one can prove that a species will evolve into a higher form based upon mutations, which by the very definition of the term is damage to DNA that changes the outcome of the genetic message in a negative sense.

Science and faith will continue to butt heads for years to come. While science is considered far superior, much of what has been claimed has yet to be proven (missing link where are you?). I choose to believe that an omnipotent God, by whatever means He chose to use, created all of us the way that we are (i.e., He created species the way that they appear) and did so for His good purpose and for His glory.

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