My 20th High School Reunion

Tomorrow night marks the beginning of my 20th high school reunion. Yes, in 1988 I had hair and dressed like the '80s and listened to '80s music and all of that stuff. Just to prove it to you, check out this picture of me and some friends hanging out a lunch:

I've been real excited about this event because, to me, there just wasn't a much better time of life than high school. College was great and lots of fun, but it was also real intense at times and there was much pressure on me to get a clue before I graduated (which still took almost a decade to happen - getting a clue, not graduating).

Our RJR Class of 1988 reunion committee started a website months ago that allowed me and all of my classmates the opportunity to reconnect with pictures and updates on our life stories. I check this site many times a day and I've been amazed at what some of my old friends are doing.

One thing about high school was that it was fairly innocent. Much of us didn't really have a clue about life and so there was usually more drama than substance. But I can also say that many of those who I went to high school with have aged very well. And there are several who now share in the faith that I hold so dear. Their testimonies of how Jesus has changed their lives have warmed my heart and made me anticipate all the more the opportunity to reconnect with them this weekend.

Have you had a chance to see what your old high school buddies are up to?

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