The Proof of Faith

Hebrews 11, the great "faith chapter" in the New Testament, is an amazing piece of Scripture. From the very first words, "Now faith is the reality (assurance) of what is hoped for, the proof (conviction) of what is not seen" we see that faith serves as a template for all of life.

One can read through this chapter and learn much from the great lessons on faith that God's people have exhibited over the centuries. Even though I read their examples in awe, I always go back to that first verse because it causes me to realize that most of the proof that men seeks lies in faith.

Christianity is often maligned in the scientific community for being faith-based with no proof to support it. Truth be told, the same could said for much of scientific theory. Yes, you can test the theory of evolution much more than you can test the idea of creation or miracles, yet the results are the same: It takes faith to believe in all of them.

When we can honestly admit that there is very little that we can definitively prove by science or whatever method you choose, then we must also admit that most of what we believe is based upon faith, not brute facts. And that's exactly what Hebrews 11:1 tells us, that faith becomes our proof.

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