Reunion Report

So I attended my 20th high school reunion this past weekend and I thought I'd share some of my experiences with the myriad of you who read this blog religiously (thanks, honey).

The event itself kicked off Friday night with an informal tailgate before the homecoming football game. I was in charge of the tailgate, which means I got glory for what amounted to doing very little. There were around 75 or so total (this includes spouses and kids) who came to the tailgate and the football game itself. It was nice to be able to sit and catch up with all of these guys and girls I haven't seen in a couple of decades. Plus, RJR won the football game so our being there was good mojo. After the game there was a party at Christopher's in Downtown Winston-Salem (it's a restaurant owned and operated by a classmate), but it was late and Kellie and I didn't get over there.

Next on the list was a tour of the school and a BBQ picnic. R.J.Reynolds High School was extensively renovated a few years after I graduated and it is in way better shape now that it was when I was a student there (wish I could say the same for myself). One of my classmates, Michael Slawter, has a band called the Saving Graces and they performed while we scarfed down BBQ and the kids played games and went crazy on the inflatables.

The "grand finale" happened Saturday night. The reunion committee rented out Bridger Field House at Wake Forest's Groves Stadium (I still can't call it BB&T field) for a night of heavy hors devours, cheesy 80's music, slide shows, and more catching up to do. This is where most of my old classmates assembled and, until the place began to resemble a high school party that parents desperately needed to break up, it was fun catching up one last time.

There were many of my classmates who have radically changed over time and yet many more who seemed to have not changed at all. Being a follower of Christ, a pastor, and having 4 kids has given me a biblical world view, but I know that not everyone shares that same view. Kellie and I saw this weekend as an opportunity to minister and encourage and we had some chances to do that. I can say that I am glad that the Lord has brought me to where He has and that I no longer have to try to be somebody I'm not.

I look forward to seeing the changes that will occur at the next reunion, whenever that may be.


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