Griggs' Family Happenings

Sometimes is hard to enter blog posts on a regular basis because, you know, life isn't always that intriguing. But my oldest daughter Chandler (7 y/o) has graciously agreed to help her daddy today in posting some of what has gone on in the life of the Griggs' family these past couple of weeks:

So these two cats came up and they were so so sweet. We named them Pancake and Waffle. So we decided to keep them. So then somebody took Pancake. So Waffle is the only cat left. So she is really really scared. So this person named Cara that works with the homeschoolers at the church decided to keep her.

So this is a picture of Waffle:

Update: Waffle has found a home! A friend of ours wants to take Waffle in as a Christmas gift and will pick him up this weekend. Of course, she can name the cat what she wants to - I'm just glad he's found a home.

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