How old of a dog are you?

We've all heard that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. But what about people? Doesn't there seem to be a point beyond which many people can't change or refuse to change?

I've heard that when it comes to salvation, most people surrender to Christ by the time they are 18. After that, it becomes less and less likely that someone will be saved. Is that because of a hardened mindset or is it because their hearts and minds become so filled with other worldly things that they just simply can't accept the validity or truth of Jesus?

And what about the life of the believer? What if you were confronted with a fresh perspective on how you viewed certain theological viewpoints? Would you be willing to possibly adjust or even abandon your viewpoint altogether if you realized that your previous view may not be accurate?

What about the way that church is "conducted?" By this I mean, if the church you attended made the decision that drastic changes in worship style, organization of leadership, or even church location needed to change in order to reach more people for Christ, would you be willing to go along with it?

By these questions I am NOT saying that we abandon the truth of God's Word. Rather, I am questioning whether we hold to what we believe sometimes in SPITE of the truth of God's word.

People are creatures of habit. I find that, even though I have a fairly concrete grasp of doctrine and theology, I am still prone to rely on traditions and opinions and some stubbornness) for some of what I believe. This doesn't make these things wrong, but I do have to ask my self if I'd be willing to change my view if I was confronted with another that was better or one that even proved that what I had previously believed what in error. Would you?

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