Being bold

My wife and I had a great talk over the weekend about being bold and daring. Many people have jumped from airplanes (with parachutes I might add), bungee jumped off of bridges, or leapt off of cliffs into the sea, but you don't necessarily have to be bold to do that (stupidity could come into play).

What I am talking about is being bold and daring in your life decisions. I have been listening recently to podcasts from Clayton King, a guy whose ministry I have followed for well over a decade and have had the pleasure to run into on a few occasions. Before Clayton got married, he had the opportunities to travel the world and he along with some of his friends got to take the gospel to places that it probably had never been before. He's married now, but he still takes the opportunities to go to places like India where he knows that his faith can put him in danger.

I went to Sudan three years ago but I was far from danger. My wife Kellie has never been out of the country (unless you count Mexico) and the most danger she faces is from our 2-year-old son Deacon (which can be pretty extreme at times). We must be responsible parents to our 4 kids yet we also feel the strong draw to be daring for Christ. In other words, we are ready to take a chance.

Before you jump to conclusions about our future, we aren't sure exactly what that means. But we do know that God hasn't called us to be sedentary and safe. Rather, we believe that He wants us to take chances in our lives. Go help run medical clinics in Africa. Train pastors in Sudan. Invest in someone whose life up until now has been a wreck. Take a stand on a cause that might be considered by some to be controversial. Act on a dream and see where God takes you.

It's time to take the safety goggles off and let it all hang out for God.

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