Energy drinks and God

I have a confession to make. I like Red Bull energy drinks. I know that these are nothing but sugar and caffeine and some other mystery ingredients that would probably make my heart explode, but I enjoy the flavor of a Red Bull every once in a while. Plus, the little rush I get from downing one is kind of nice too. Then it wears off and I'm back where I started.

We all go through times spiritually where we aren't motivated or excited about our faith. Sometimes we might be cruising along with no real worries but no real passion either. Then we get hit in the face with an experience that rocks us to the core and we catch a new fire for God. This could be the result of a mission trip, concert, conference, whatever, but it moves us (often times emotionally) closer to God.

And then the high wears off. Adrenalin - whether it's physical or spiritual - can only carry you so far and will only last so long. Just like the effects of an energy drink, experiences that spark our excitement about God will not last forever. You have to do something.

This is going to sound so basic and simple, much like a classic Sunday school class answer, but I think I've found a solution to keeping up one's spiritual excitement for God: Read the Bible. Yeah, read your Bible.

Read it daily with a purpose. Don't miss that time. Avoid rushing through the verses but instead take some time to read them deliberately and underline what moves you and take notes on what you can apply. This takes effort on your part but once you begin making this a habit you won't want to stop. Just like receiving another note from that special someone in Jr. High made you tingle all over, digging into God's Word with consistency will foster a connection with God that will last. Why? Because you are taking the time and discipline to commune with the Creator of the universe.

Here's some more advice: Purge your life of distractions. Music that is less than honorable to God, TV shows or movies that are trashy, internet junk, whatever is less than pleasing to God get rid of. Sure this is hard to do but if you have ever played a sport before you know how important it is to be committed fully to your goal. Why should it be any less with God?

Waiting for the next spiritual event to get back on track with God is really kind of dumb. Too many of us - myself included - make excuses when it comes to our relationship with God. But if we are honest with ourselves, if we are distant from God it's because we have created that distance within ourselves. You may not be surrounded with the same people that were with you when you were moved by God the first time, but you are surrounded by the God who still wants to move within you.


Anonymous said...

I don't like Red tastes like carbonated cough syrup.

Amen to the rest. Crazy idea, that bible reading thing but I think if people would try it, it could catch on.



Leda said...

We have different views and taste about the things surround us.Best energy drink is a choice whether we will drink such thing or not.

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