A little trip to DC

Kellie and I had a chance to take Chandler and Reynolds, our two oldest daughters, up to Washington, DC, this past Friday and Saturday. On Friday, it was chilly and rainy, but we had the chance to tour the Capitol building via Richard Burr's office and that, my friends, is an amazing building. Also, Chandler has to take "Flat Stanley" with her on trips (if you don't know who Flat Stanley is then ask a second grader) and he got in a lot of really good pictures.

The ultimate reason we went to DC was to watch Wake Forest play Navy in the inaugural EagleBank Bowl at RFK Stadium. We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown DC and it just happened to be the hotel for the football team. They came out in the lobby on Friday night and hung out with everybody and took lots of pictures, including several with my girls and Flat Stanley.

The game itself didn't start off too hot on Saturday but the Deacs rallied and wound up pulling out a solid 29-19 victory. It was cold a the game but at least it was dry and we really didn't want to leave when it was over. We are most certainly going back to DC whenever we get a chance and we are planning on staying a few days just to try and get everything in. Enjoy the pics!

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