Sports and Coffee

If you know anything about me, you know that I love coffee, but not just any coffee. I typically only drink the coffee that I roast myself. You can call me a coffee snob if you wish - it's true - but once you learn how to roast your own beans and have the freshest coffee known to mankind, you just don't want anything else.

I also love sports and probably watch too many games on TV. But while my wife thinks I'll watch anything, that simply isn't true. You see, there are some good games to watch and then there are some bad games too.

For instance, I enjoy the Atlanta Braves but most other baseball bores me. I can't just sit down and watch any old game and enjoy myself. Soccer is a game that I have always enjoyed but it doesn't get a ton of airtime. Fox Soccer Channel is awesome, but there are only so many games one can sit through. When the World Cup rolls around, I'm not sure there's a better sport in the world at the time.

Then there's basketball. College basketball is great and I can usually watch most ACC games and games with marquee teams, but pro basketball is awful to watch. Unless there is a player on the court that I like to follow (Chris Paul or someone like that) I typically can't stomach a whole game.

Finally, there is the mecca of all sports - college football. I don't care if Wabash Back Alley Community College is playing the Sisters of the Pure Heart JV Girl's Team, I will probably watch it. There simply isn't a much greater sport than college football. And pro football is pretty good too, but if it's a bad team I just can't seem to watch for long.

Just because it's on TV and it's a sport doesn't mean it's worth watching. If someone offers me a cup of coffee, I may drink it but it's probably not gonna be what I'm used to. Oh, and like coffee, I like my sports without any additives (sugar and cream are for sissies).

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