How far would you go?

This past Sunday at my church, a pastor from a neighboring county stood up to share some information about a summer mission project that we are going to help him with this summer. He has just gotten off a plane from Haiti at 5:00 a.m. that very morning so to say he was tired would be a humorous understatement. This man wasn't there to share about his trip to Haiti, but the one story he did share was one that I'm sure he could not keep to himself.

On the first Sunday in Haiti, he was with another pastor who had the chance to preach in a local Haitian church. Through an interpreter he extended an invitation to anyone who wanted to respond to the gospel and, as the two of them stood off to the side, they noticed an older crippled woman who had moved in beside them. The interpreter told these two American pastors that this woman had "scooted" on her bottom, pushing herself along with her hands, for one mile to be here at this service, even traversing a shallow creek to get there. She now wanted to give her heart to Christ after hearing the gospel clearly presented. 85 years of darkness were giving way to glorious light.

My eyes welled with tears as he shared this story. How desperately does one want Christ to crawl a mile at 85 years old? Just as heartwarming as this story was it also served to greatly humble me. I live next door to the church I serve. How often do I walk the 50 yards to worship with no spiritual appetite at all?

How many Christians have "gotten over" their salvation? How many followers of Christ no longer yearn to know Christ more intimately? How often do we become quickly bored at the study of His Word and the work of His ministry?

How far would you go right now to bask in the love of Jesus Christ?

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Anonymous said...

Wow Brother! Thanks for that story its quite an encouragement to read. May we never "get over" our salvation.



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