I'll take your kids

Why do I want your kids when I have 4 of my own and I'll still be purchasing diapers for possibly two more years? The answer is simple: If you don't want your kids then I will take them.

Let me explain. I turned the TV on last night and it was on PBS because that's where the kids had it last when they were watching some of their afternoon educational cartoons. There was a news show on and it was about the issue of education in New Orleans. The scene that caught my eye was of 2 officers knocking on an apartment door to serve a summons for court to a woman who was just off camera. Her kids had been absent (truant) 15 times already that school year and they were urging her to go to court so they wouldn't have to come back and arrest her.

Several times during the conversation the mother mentioned something about the state coming to get her kids. Finally, the female officer told the woman: "When you keep asking about the state taking your kids, you almost sound like you don't want your kids." The mother's response: "I don't."

I was speechless. Here was a mother telling these officers that she no longer wanted her kids. And they were right there with her hearing the whole things. Here, take them or have the state take them. I don't want them anymore.

The officers left that apartment stunned and I myself was overwhelmed at the fact that a mother would be so willing to give her kids away. I found myself almost saying out loud, "I'll take them." I know that I have never known hardship or poverty like many people have, but you could never in a million years take my kids away from me without a crow bar and some sedatives.

There are lots of kids in America who live in homes where they are either not wanted or mistreated. Many parents do the best they can with what little they have but I've witnessed first-hand parents who behave as if their children are nothing more than parasites that weigh them down. All of this makes me more mindful of the children that my own kids are in school with. When I pick my girls up today, will I be able to hug or say a kind word to one of their schoolmates who is starving for just a little bit of positive attention? And hey, if their parents don't want them then I'll take them.

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Misty said...

I love your blog about the children. I feel the same way, I want to save them all and give them homes where they know nothing but love and safety. I hope you don't mind I would like to follow your blog. I live in Yadkinville too.

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