My son Deacon has had infection in both ears since November 2008. We've tried every medicine that they have given to us and have even subjected him to Rocephin shots but nothing has been able to cure them. Just this past Sunday, his left eardrum ruptured from the infection and once again he is a sick little kid. Thankfully he is scheduled to have tubes place in his ears in March.

Why is it that some infections and diseases are resistant to medications? We've all heard of MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and how it can do serious damage to the body, yet there are other types of bacteria and viruses that resist treatment as well (consider the flu virus and how it changes every year).

Have you ever noticed that people sometimes are resistant to things that are intended to make them better? Why does that girl keep dating the loser when everyone is trying to warn her that he's bad news? Why does a toddler touch a hot stove even when his parents warn him of the danger? Why does a child of God continue to run from the Lord even when he knows that any other way is a dead end?

As I've read through the Old Testament book of Judges it has amazed me as how quickly Israel turns their back on God. Time and again God delivers His people from their enemies only to have them abandon their trust in Him when everything seems to be going their way.

As a follower of Christ, I can relate this. There are times when I seem to be totally resistant to the work that the Lord wants to do in my life. My sinful desires, my stubbornness to change, and my inability at times to see past my own selfish ambitions all build a resistance to what and who God wants me to be. I'm ready to take whatever tonic is necessary to bust through the tough viral shell of my pride and sinfulness. I want to be totally healed from the inside out.

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