Dealing with Disappointment

If you know anything about me, you know that I am a huge Wake Forest fan. And it really doesn't matter which sport, I like them all (not that I really follow field hockey or track, but if I did...). Well, these past two weeks have been rather difficult for me as a Wake basketball fan. It seems as if a team of impostors showed up for the ACC and NCAA tournaments and any chance for victory in those games were quickly silenced. One thing I've learned as a sports fan is this: No matter how good your team is, there is no guarantee for victory. Sure, some teams win more than others, but no team wins them all.

Having your favorite team go down in flames can be a very disappointing reality, especially when you have them going far in your brackets. But what do you do when real life disappointment hits - school isn't going well, you don't make the team, your trying your hardest but can't seem to get ahead, your family life seems to be crumbling, you are more and more disillusioned with work, you've done everything you can to teach your kids the right things yet they continue to rebel, etc...?

One thing we all have to remember is this: There are no promises that life will be free of disappointments. But we do have the promise that God will be there no matter what life throws our way. Listen to the words recorded in Psalm 34:19, "Many adversities come to the one who is righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all." Adversity and disappointments are going to come. That's a given. Yet we must remember and rest in the fact that God delivers us from all such situations.

If you are wallowing in the midst of disappointment, then start swimming for the shore. God hasn't forgotten about you nor has He turned His attention elsewhere. Life may never be to our suiting but God will never disappoint.

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