Fewer Link Themselves to Religion

In today's local newspaper a front page headline caught my eye: Fewer Link Themselves to Religion. It seems that a wide-ranging study has determined that the percentage of people in America who are claiming to be Christian has declined and that more people are claiming to have no religion at all. Also, Northern New England has now passed the Pacific Northwest as the least religious region in America. The article goes on to break down the numbers, but I'll let you read that on your own if you want to.

How do I feel about there being fewer people in America who claim to be religious? I feel great because I'm one of them! You see, religion describes an affiliation to anything that you want to worship or make most important in your life. Such things as NASCAR, college basketball, Hollywood stars, and even a rock concert can qualify as religious. Religion also comes with sets of rules and regulations and traditions that over time become a religion in and of themselves.

I'm not into religion. Instead, I cling to the personal RELATIONSHIP that I have with Jesus Christ. No stale tradition or long list of liturgical stuff for me. I just hope that the rest of America abandons religion as well and turns to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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