Intentional obedience

It's really easy for me to do the things that I know I should do. No one has to tell me to eat or to take care of myself and my family. Even though those things are relative no-brainers, they still require obedience to accomplish them.

But what about the hard things? Think about something like committing to tithing to the church from your income. 10% is a lot of money, but out of obedience God expects us to give. Let's take that a step further. Imagine being asked by God to give up everything, possibly even your life. Check out my newest "useful link" to the left to check out the ministry of Sam Childers.

In Mark 14:53-65, Jesus has just been hauled before the Jewish Sanhedrin for trial. In front of that group of men, false accusations were hurled toward Jesus at a machine gun pace, yet none of them were true. These Jews, blinded by their hate, would do anything to see Jesus die, but their efforts were pitiful at best to condemn Him.

The high priest was getting testy as well. During all of this, Jesus never said a word, never raised His voice to defend Himself. So the priest got in Jesus' face, asking Him why He didn't answer His critics. But why should Jesus have said anything? Nothing that they brought against Him was true. If they couldn't bring a charge, He'd have to be let go and then His life was to be spared. No cross, no pain, no death. That would have been the easy way out.

Yet Jesus knew God's will for His life and refused to run from it. Instead of remaining silent Jesus finally spoke up, confessing that yes, He is the Messiah. Enraged, the Jews had all the ammunition they needed to put Him to death and that's just what they did.

Imagine, if you just laid low and kept a clean profile then life would be easy for you. Maybe God has put a burden on your heart but it is so intense that you can't imagine yourself in that position. Besides, there are plenty of others who are willing to go to the ends of the earth for Christ, so what harm will it do for you to stay put and live your life for the Lord right where you are?

What if Jesus thought that way? If He did, there would be no such thing as hope or forgiveness or grace. Jesus was intentionally obedient to God even though He knew there would be an easier path for Him to take. Are you willing to say yes to the hard things?

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