Now that it's April 7, maybe we can get past the fact that UNC won the national title and all of the "basketball only" Carolina fans will finally settle down (hey, I even cheer for ALL Wake Forest sports, even club rugby). That brings me to some of the rumors circulating around Wake Forest basketball: The players didn't get along. Jeff Teague stopped going to class so he could turn pro. Coach Gaudio is at odd with some of his players who want to go pro because they haven't spoken with him yet. The list could go on.

The good news about most rumors is that they usually aren't true. I say that's good news because a lot of rumors involve damaging information that can only hurt and not help. But what about rumors of the biblical kind? You know, the theories about when the Lord is going to return and when the world will end?

There are many books out there that theorize the end of the world and the Lord's return. Some of these works claim to be fiction while others are touted as nonfiction. The authors of these books will tell you that their content is based upon careful study of the Scriptures and that may be the case. But Jesus made it very clear: No one knows the time or the hour of His return (Matthew 24:36). Not only that, but earlier in Matthew 24:6 Jesus stated that there will be wars and rumors of wars but those things (the end of the age) were not ready to occur yet. Simply put, these kinds of rumors are only good at fueling speculation and little else.

Understanding that all of the guestimations about the end of the world and the return of Christ are unfounded is important. This is the way that God wanted it. More than anything I am ready for the Lord to return and for His kingdom to be fully realized, but I don't know the "signs of the times" any more than the next guy. Even in Jesus' days on earth the world was hostile towards God, so not much has changed now that we are in the 21st century. All I do know is that Jesus is coming back and that ain't no rumor.

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