Runnin' on empty

I don't mind admitting that I enjoy rockin' the minivan. For years and years I swore that you wouldn't catch me dead in a minivan. Whenever I saw one on the road, I instantly conjured up the image of a distracted mother driving either too fast or too slow who is paying more attention to what her kids are doing in the back than what's going on in front of her. That was an image I just couldn't stomach.

Four kids later, I wouldn't trade our minivan for anything. Without it, we couldn't go anywhere. Plus, we drive one of those Nissan Quest minivans that's shaped like a bullet, so it's actually a really cool car. It's more than just a van, it's an experience.

The gas gauge on the van is one that is digital, so there are bars that tell you how much fuel you have left in the tank. When it gets down to 4 bars left I know it's time to fill up or else I'll be down to one bar, which has never happened before. That is, it's never happened before today.

I got in the van this morning to take my girls to school when I noticed I was on one bar and the empty gas light was blaring at me from the dash console. I panicked a little bit, wondering if I had enough gas left to get the kids to school. When I finally did make it to the gas station I was surprised that my van actually held 17 gallons of fuel. I've never put that much in there before. I think I made it just in time.

My dad is one of those guys that never lets the gas tanks on his cars ever get close to empty. When the gauge read a quarter full, it was time to fill up. I'm sure he was incredibly frustrated when my brothers and I would regularly run on fumes and now that I'm an older and more mature adult (right!) I always fill the tank before it gets too low. Unless you count this morning.

Sometimes my life resembles the gas tank in my van (although I hope I'm not shaped like a bullet). I get low spiritually like I'm running on fumes. Tiredness and fatigue sets in and I just want to sit and do nothing. I become uninspired and feel as if I'm sinking into mediocrity. It's times like these that I wish I could just push a button and things would be back to normal but it's not quite that simple.

Filling up the spiritual and emotional and mental tank takes creativity, vision, and energy. If you're in a rut, then change something. If your personal Bible study is stale then do something different. Break out of your routine and take a chance. Follow a dream that you've been afraid to pursue. God doesn't want us to become bored or fatigued in our walks with Him. He is never still nor is He silent. We shouldn't settle for less than that either.

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