Hole in our hearing

Tonight a couple of us churches banded together to bring Todd Agnew to Yadkin County. What was originally scheduled to be an afternoon of games and then the Todd Agnew concert at the county park turned into sort of a wash, so we were able to have it at Forbush High School and it worked out great.

I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't necessarily the biggest fan of Todd Agnew, but after spending a little time with him and then watching as he not only led worship but taught people, my perspective has changed. Todd is a worship leader and on more than one occasion he reminded us that that's why he was here. He didn't demand that everyone stand and raise their hands, but we were reminded that we are called to worship even if it means remaining in our seats.

Towards the end of his show he spoke to us for awhile about grace and forgiveness, using the story of Adam and Eve as his text. His points were fresh and I can honestly say that I was certainly convicted in my heart over certain areas of my own life. Yet as I listened to Todd's music and heard his heart, I was also keenly aware of something else going on in the room - distraction.

It was loud in that room. Not just during the songs but when Todd was talking. There was a lot going on besides worship. True, there were little kids (2 of them belonging to me) who had trouble sitting still, but I noticed that a lot of people just weren't even trying to make the connection with the ministry that was being placed in their laps. As a pastor, I know that there have been numerous occasions where I have been speaking to God's people and it's been obvious that only a fraction are tuning me in. That's frustrating to be sure.

My aim is not to call anyone in particular out but rather to call all believers out. We've developed a hole in our hearing which allows God's words to literally go in one ear and out the other. Messages delivered from devout men have fallen on deaf ears. Worship is an experience that only a few in a crowded room seem to enjoy. Passion and conviction get washed over by the multitudes. It's as if we've become bored with God.

I was humbled in my heart tonight because I realized how often I neglect to fellowship with my Lord. I hear His words but they have become almost common to me. But tonight, praise God, He opened my ears. As God's people we must get past our complacency and cynicism with the heart of God. He is speaking loudly and clearly to us, yet I am afraid that we've stopped listening to much of what He says.

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