I really would take them all

Last night our church welcomed in the Children of the World International Children's Choir from the organization World Help. The choir was composed of children from Guatemala, Uganda, and Nepal, most of who have been completely orphaned. They live in homes for children in their own countries and are financially supported by American sponsors through World Help. Their performance was amazing and their stories were moving.

They actually arrived at our church around lunchtime on Tuesday and, since I live next door to the church, I had plenty of time to interact with them as did my own kids. My son Deacon had a chance to play ball with some of the boys that afternoon and he did so until he collapsed. Reynolds and Chandler made new friends as well. Here are a couple of pictures of Deacon playing with some of the boys.

Deacon playing ball with Deepesh from Nepal

Deacon with Jonathan from Uganda

Deacon with Francis from Uganda

Just being around these children was very moving for me and Kellie. Many people think that we are crazy for having four kids of our own, but they'd probably think we'd lost it if they only knew that we have already been talking about adopting an international child when little Emme gets a couple years older. Being around these children confirmed in our hearts that if God gives us the opportunity to pursue this in the future, we will certainly do it.

We currently sponsor a child from Haiti through World Vision, and groups such as Compassion International and Samaritan's Purse give people ample opportunities to give a pretty meager amount each month (usually only $30) that provides more for these children than one can possibly imagine. We were able to give the little boy we sponsor in Haiti, Dasson, an extra monetary gift one Christmas. He shared that gift with his family, purchasing a "nanny" goat for milking purposes along with some sharp new school clothes. I still treasure that picture that he sent to us of him in his new clothes with his new goat. Click on these links and sign up to help a child. If you give up one night a month eating out as a family then you've already got the $30 covered.

Unfortunately, none of the boys and girls in the choir we available for adoption. They have more churches to perform in where they can spread the vision of the ministry for World Help and then in another month or two they will go back to their own countries. That's too bad because I was already cleaning out the basement and wondering how I was going to accommodate 13 more kids in our house.

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